Thursday, December 25, 2008

Giving Open Source for Christmas - Growl4Rails Plugin

Growl4Rails is a javascript component that provides the UI for growl-like notifications in your Rails application.

This plugin requires Prototype 1.6 or higher and Scriptaculous 1.7 or higher.


If you are on Rails 2.1 or higher:
$ script/plugin install git://

For older versions of Rails, cd into your application's vendor/plugins, and execute the following:
$ git clone --depth 1 git://
$ mkdir ../../public/javascripts/growl4rails ../../public/stylesheets/growl4rails ../../public/images/growl4rails
$ cp growl4rails/public/javascripts/* ../../public/javascripts/growl4rails/
$ cp growl4rails/public/stylesheets/* ../../public/stylesheets/growl4rails/
$ cp growl4rails/public/images/* ../../public/images/growl4rails/


In your view put the following:
<%= growl4rails_includes %>

Then when you'd like the Growl window to appear:
//javascript"/images/download.png", "Foo Bar.pdf", "File is ready for download.", 5000); method takes 4 arguments:
image - 32x32 icon
title - title of the growl
message - the growl message
duration - the length of time (in milliseconds) that the growl window shows

It's definitely got some kinks, but I'm working those out. Obviously, if you'd like to contribute, feel free!


jimhalberg said...

This looks awesome. Really pumped to see it in action after the holiday break!

Zvi said...

Looks cool. How about a release and/or direction how to implement outside of Rails.

Jim Fiorato said...

For those that were wondering about using this without rails, I put up a blog post on how to do it.