Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Interwebz - Now With 100% More CloudPreservation

A couple months ago I suggested that I would start blogging more after getting rid of Twitter and Facetube, but wasn't really able to deliver on that promise because we've been working on something really big at the Nextpoint Lab.  Now, I'm real excited that we can let the cat out of the bag and talk about what that is.

Cloud Preservation.png

This product we've been working full steam on and now (finally) happy to be announcing in an open beta program is called CloudPreservation.  And what it provides is a web-based service that automatically crawls your web properties at chosen intervals, building an archive of html source code and resources, high quality snapshots, and a robust full-text search index. The service makes it a breeze to go back in time with all of your web sites, blogs, Facebook fan pages, and Twitter accounts to search content, preview the site, and export data.

The Fully Automated Web Archive Service.png

There's a bunch of reasons why organizations need this service, foremost being regulatory and legal compliance.  But another huge one that I think affects this group of folks is backup and business/site continuity, and this works great for keeping a historical archive of the content and (coming soon) images and resources (javascript/css) files from your site.

Just like our other products, we're leveraging cloud computing to do the crawling and imaging of these sites, so we're able to scale this out enorumously (and I really mean infinitely) at extremely affordable prices.  There's a 30 day free trial, and we've got pricing plans that should suit the needs of any personal blogger who wants some piece of mind, or a huge corporation who can finally be compliant with regulations.  We've even got a free plan for those that can get away with it.


We want you to give it a spin.  Sign up for a 30-day trial of one of our paid plans, or just take us to the cleaners and pick the free one  :).  Since we're in beta, I really need your feedback.  I know lots of you are some of the most opinionated and nitpicky folks I know, and I want all the nitpicks and opinions because they're super valuable to me, and can really help improve this much needed service.  Feel free to give feedback here on the blog, send me an email, or send an email to our feedback email address.

Thanks so much for giving it a whirl!