Monday, September 15, 2008

Giving Something New a Try

I've decided to leave my job of almost 9 years, the .NET platform, and Windows all in one fell swoop, and give something new a try. At the beginning of October, I'll be back working for a small company called NextPoint as a Software Engineer doing Ruby development on OS X. Big change indeed.

I'm extremely excited to be working on something so different, and ecstatic about working with another fantastic small team of 4 smart folks. I'll be working for a boss that I've worked for in the past, and have a huge amount of respect for and trust in.

What hasn't changed is that I'll still be doing software development for the legal vertical, so I'll get to stay in a domain that I've gained a lot of knowledge in over the years. Hopefully I'll be able to provide some of that knowledge to this new company.

I want it to be clear that I'm not running away from the .NET community, or being driven away. I'm so grateful to this community and the support it's given me. I still plan on trying to stay involved and hopefully I'll be able to be able to provide a different perspective on .NET and C# in specific, to the folks in the .NET community.

Anyway, thanks to the folks that got me started here, and those that provided support over the years (indirectly and directly). It's much appreciated.


Mark Fletcher said...


When you said on Facebook that you were trying out Ruby, I assumed that you were talking about doing it in your own time... but changing jobs! That's a big jump.

Good luck in the new spot, keep blogging, whether its .NET or Ruby!


Anonymous said...

Jim -

As someone who recently jumped jobs to a much smaller company, I wish you the best of luck. Its a bit of a shock to wake up every morning and realize that with a smaller company you get a much bigger share of the ownership and responsibility.

You were my first boss at H1 all those years ago, and you were a huge part of my professional development. I know that your new employer will surely reap huge rewards by bringing you on board.

To echo Mark - just keep blogging.