Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lingual Dexterity - Getting Over the Hump

Whenever I set out to start on learning a new programming language (I've started often, can't say I've ever finished), I always feel like the biggest hump to get over is the practice aspect of the new technology, and not necessarily the language itself. I can sit down and go through the tutorials, but what I always want to see, right from the get go, is the development environment, what the package structure is like, how to write unit tests, etc.

So, over the next few months I'll be putting up posts about getting over the hump with various popular modern languages. The subjects that I'd like to cover (if applicable) for each language are:

  • The development environment/debugging

  • Proper package structure/file and class dependencies

  • Deployment/Build

  • Data Access

  • Unit Testing Framework(s)

Any others that you'd like to see (sans specific language features/constructs)?

As I write these, I'm learning myself, so I'd really appreciate any feedback you have on what I've written, as I'm sure there's lots of more experienced amateurs out there than me. Also, I'll attempt to stay true to the languages and the technologies themselves, and do my best not to write .NET in Python or Ruby.

Again, in the name of collective learning, I'd love to hear your feedback.