Friday, January 12, 2007

Five Things You May Not Know About Me

Is this self indulgent? I don't know. Did tag me because he had to, or because he was generally interested in what I would say for this post? I know that I've been interested in what people have been saying about themselves. Especially the ones that are sensitive to the death of Transformers. Anyway, if you weren't interested in what I had to say Mark, then thanks anyway for the traffic.

  1. My career went directly from managing a Pizza Hut restaurant to working for a technology start up. Thanks to Sam's Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours, I was able to make that transition (thanks Sam, whoever you are). It's fun to watch the sales folk's eyes pop out when they learn that one of the architects on this multi-million dollar product doesn't quite have the pedigree they expected.
  2. Once during the load testing of an application which sent emails to thousands of people with a daily update of the client's fund prices, I accidentally sent about 70,000 emails to the client. I never changed the from address on the email (, so when the Yahoo! account I was sending mails to started bouncing the new mail (at like 1000), by the time I realized it and stopped SMTP on the server, the client had a bit of mail to delete. Oops!
  3. I used to be a pretty dirty hippy. So dirty that I followed the Grateful Dead around and sold hemp jewelry and grilled cheese sandwiches (I deserve the ridicule, go ahead). I had long hair and a VW Bus that was painted with the White Spy from MAD Magazine on the back.
  4. My first marraige occurred in the delivery room during my first child's birth. My ex-wife and I had planned to get married the next day, but she had gone into labor early. Not sure what the rush was (and ultimately a bad idea, as you probably gathered from the "ex-wife" part), but while my ex-wife was in labor, I ran home, got the rings and marraige license and had the hospital chaplain come up to the room and marry us during labor. And no we didn't name my daughter something like "Matrimony" to commemorate the occassion.
  5. My Dad is actually pretty well known in the construction standards industry in specific the concrete arena. He's currently the elected president of ASTM and graced the covers of a few industry magazines such as "Concrete International". Have you read it? Anyway, I'm not as proud of his relative celebrity as I am of his integrity, and he's a model for the way I want to be.

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